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The bugright family is a firm believer that to become a great product that consumers rely upon and become loyalists to, one must have a great network of retailers. As a retailer within the bugright family you are just how we state it, family. We offer great retailer discounts on the product by the case, great marketing support of the product, and customer service that still remains true to the principles of the product’s home state of Oklahoma. bugRIGHT has invested into the development of a new “Retailer Application” on the bugRIGHT website that allows for consumers to simply insert their address or zip code and the distance they are willing to travel to buy the product. Then the application provides them with a list of the nearest stocking retailers with the retailer’s address, phone number, email address, and website link, if applicable.

The bugRIGHT family invested into this application to show that the company is committed to its’ retailers and the success the retailers have in selling the bugRIGHT product. You get more than just a case of organic non-poisonous bug repellent at your store, you get a relationship with real life Oklahoma entrepreneurs who care about the safety of people, animals, and the environment when getting rid of annoying pests. The success you have selling the bugRIGHT product is very important to us!

Please fill out the form below for more information on becoming an authorized retailer of the bugRIGHT brand of organic non-poisonous bug repellent. Contact Paul Goss for more information and pricing on the product, 918-367-9792.

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    Please submit this form so the bugRIGHT family can speak to you about become a part of the bugRIGHT retailer network. For any questions about pricing, shipping costs, or marketing support contact the Organic Bug man himself, founder and owner, Paul Goss, 918-367-9792.
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It's been two weeks and no scratching, no sores, and no fleas! My husband and I can sit on our couch and not be pestered by an occasional flea jumping onto our arm or leg. And the only ones I have seen on their bedding...are dead. We are no longer having battles with our cats. It's simple just to put some bugRIGHT into my hand and "pet" the cats. It's great to get a purr instead of a scratch or bite. -Brandi Kanselaar


bugRIGHT leverages natural non-toxic essential plant oils that attacks the central nervous system of insects. In turn shutting down the insect's heart and leading to the ultimate death of the insect without harming people, animals, or the environment in the process.


bugRIGHT is currently licensed to be sold in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee through authorized retailers