Frequently Asked Questions About bugRIGHT

Frequently Asked Questions About bugRIGHT Brand Products

Q.  How do bugRIGHT’s ingredients compare to the synthetic chemical ingredients found in most insecticides?

A.  Unlike the harmful and toxic synthetic chemical ingredients in most insecticides, bugRIGHT’s ingredients are all food grade and are commonly used in foods.  The Diatomaceous Earth (DE) that is used in bugRIGHT, which is the carrier for the active ingredients, is extremely pure and is considered “food grade” by FDA standards.  The essential plant oils that are used in bugRIGHT are classified by the FDA as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS).  Then of course, everyone knows about the safety of Sodium Chloride (Table Salt) and Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda).

Q.  How does bugRIGHT kill insects?

A.  Essential plant oils target biological systems of insects which only exist in insects.  Therefore, they are harmless to mammals, birds and fish.  Essential plant oils have a mode of action that attacks the central nervous system of insects.  When insects make contact with these oils, their octopamine neuroreceptor sites are blocked.  Octopamine regulates the heart rate, metabolism, movement and behavior of insects.  Immediately after making contact with bugRIGHT, insects are affected and die within a few hours.

Q.  Is bugRIGHT as effective as the synthetic chemical insecticides?

A. Yes. bugRIGHT is as effective, and in many cases more effective, at killing and repelling insects.  We have received many reports from our customers telling us that bugRIGHT is the only product they have found that will control some of the most destructive garden pests, such as Squash Bugs and Cucumber Beatles.  Although it does not provide an immediate kill, it will impair the insect’s ability to function normally within a short period of time, thus preventing the insect from continuing to cause as much damage.  Another very important benefit is that insects will not become immune to bugRIGHT’s active ingredients and will not build up a resistance to them over time, unlike most of the synthetic chemical insecticides on the market

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It's been two weeks and no scratching, no sores, and no fleas! My husband and I can sit on our couch and not be pestered by an occasional flea jumping onto our arm or leg. And the only ones I have seen on their bedding...are dead. We are no longer having battles with our cats. It's simple just to put some bugRIGHT into my hand and "pet" the cats. It's great to get a purr instead of a scratch or bite. -Brandi Kanselaar


bugRIGHT leverages natural non-toxic essential plant oils that attacks the central nervous system of insects. In turn shutting down the insect's heart and leading to the ultimate death of the insect without harming people, animals, or the environment in the process.


bugRIGHT is currently licensed to be sold in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee through authorized retailers