How it Works

How it Works, bugRIGHT brand products are people, animal, and environment safe by not leveraging certain toxins that other poisonous bug repellents on the market leverage. Pests can become immune to these toxins over time therefore the toxic bug repellent might provide a quick fix but it doesn’t provide a complete long-term solution. That is why to ensure that bugRIGHT offers a complete long-term solution that is first of all safe to people, animals, and the environment bugRIGHT leverages natural ingredients including essential plant oils. For more on how essential plant oils kill and help repel future pests on outdoor, indoor, and animal applications see below.

How does essential plant oils kill insects?

Essential plant oils target biological systems of insects which only exist in insects.  Therefore, they are harmless to mammals, birds and fish.  Essential plant oils have a mode of action that attacks the central nervous system of insects.  When insects make contact with these oils, their octopamine neuroreceptor sites are blocked.  Octopamine regulates the heart rate, metabolism, movement and behavior of insects. Immediately after making contact with bugRIGHT, insects are effected and die within a few hours.

How do I apply the bugRIGHT product?

Lightly apply product wherever insects are found rather indoors, outdoors, or on animals. If the product becomes wet make sure to apply new dry formula of bugRIGHT product to area of need. Repeat this process as needed. Please ensure that you use a small sample of the product on plants and material such as carpet to ensure that the product doesn’t harm or stain the area of need. Once the area of material or plant has proven to be receptive to the bugRIGHT product without staining or damage to the plant continue with application. While we thrive on providing the safest organic bug repellent on the market plant reactions to the bugRIGHT brand product can depend on the plant or type of material. The bugRIGHT family continues to test the product on many different plants and household materials to ensure the overall safety of the product. Application of product can differ depending on the application you are using the product for. See list of product applications for specific recommendations.

What is the duration to use bugRIGHT products on area of need?

bugRIGHT founder and inventor, Paul Goss, has seen that a consistent and complete approach to riding yourself of pests in your home, your garden, and your animals is by continuing to apply product until invasion of pests are not prevelant. While we note that pests in gardens can’t become immune to the bugRIGHT formula that is in the product there is a possibility that because it is the natural means of occurrence that these pests might find their way back into your garden after a long duration of time of not using product. Example squash bugs might find their way back into your garden after a year of not using bugRIGHT product. Once bugRIGHT is reapplied to the area with a consistent approach the bugs will once again die naturally by the causes of the product’s essential plant oils.

View the bugRIGHT product label to ensure that all precautionary statements and cautions are understood before using the bugRIGHT product indoors, outdoors, or on animals.

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It's been two weeks and no scratching, no sores, and no fleas! My husband and I can sit on our couch and not be pestered by an occasional flea jumping onto our arm or leg. And the only ones I have seen on their bedding...are dead. We are no longer having battles with our cats. It's simple just to put some bugRIGHT into my hand and "pet" the cats. It's great to get a purr instead of a scratch or bite. -Brandi Kanselaar


bugRIGHT leverages natural non-toxic essential plant oils that attacks the central nervous system of insects. In turn shutting down the insect's heart and leading to the ultimate death of the insect without harming people, animals, or the environment in the process.


bugRIGHT is currently licensed to be sold in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee through authorized retailers