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It's been two weeks and no scratching, no sores, and no fleas! My husband and I can sit on our couch and not be pestered by an occasional flea jumping onto our arm or leg. And the only ones I have seen on their bedding...are dead. We are no longer having battles with our cats. It's simple just to put some bugRIGHT into my hand and "pet" the cats. It's great to get a purr instead of a scratch or bite. -Brandi Kanselaar


bugRIGHT leverages natural non-toxic essential plant oils that attacks the central nervous system of insects. In turn shutting down the insect's heart and leading to the ultimate death of the insect without harming people, animals, or the environment in the process.


bugRIGHT is currently licensed to be sold in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee through authorized retailers